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Breastfeed Atlanta

Atlanta's Full Service Breastfeeding Center


Breastfeed Atlanta is the definitive, full service breastfeeding center for breastfeeding families. We are dedicated to the support, protection, and promotion of breastfeeding in all its forms. As Atlanta’s premier breastfeeding center, we offer an unparalleled and comprehensive level of service. We are proud to serve Atlanta’s diverse population of families, and to support them unconditionally to realize their breastfeeding goals.

Breastfeed Atlanta accepts health insurance, and we are In-Network Providers for Aetna, Humana, Coventry, QualCare, Allina, Banner, Innovation, Medicare, and Medicaid. Many patients have visits covered with no out of pocket expense. We will verify your benefits and inform you at the time of service if you have any co-pays, coinsurance or deductible due. Please contact us for more information.


Private Lactation Consultation
Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural experience for parents and their children, but the reality is often more complex than anticipated. Most parents find the presence of a calm and supportive expert in the field is essential to their success. Our lactation specialists will be there to help guide you with compassionate, evidenced-based care. Either in one of our multiple metro Atlanta offices or even in your home, our breastfeeding support will help give you the knowledge and agency to do what is right for you and your breastfeeding journey.

Group Classes
How often should I pump? How much is my baby gaining? Is anyone else having the same issues? These are important questions that can be addressed at our weekly group visits held multiple times per week in multiple metro Atlanta locations. More than just a breastfeeding class, these group visits are uniquely designed with class education, clinical assistance, and peer to peer encouragement all wrapped up into one package where you’ll have the opportunity to form lasting friendships and connections in ways not possible in traditional care.

Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental
Which breast pump is best? A simple, single question with a nearly infinite number of complex answers. Ask 100 breastfeeding moms and you’ll get 100 answers. As the only Atlanta provider of Ameda and Medela hospital grade breast pump rentals, Breastfeed Atlanta is uniquely positioned to help you find the right pump for your lifestyle requirements. Our lactation specialists will provide you with information needed to select the breast pump that best fits you.  For your convenience, we are proud to offer in-home delivery, shipping options, or in-office pick up.


Breastfeed Atlanta – The premier, full service center for breastfeeding families.


Breastfeed Atlanta

We are proud to offer our patients a team of diverse individuals of varying backgrounds. Our multidisciplinary team has one foot firmly planted in the art of breastfeeding and the other foot in the science of breastfeeding. We offer evidence based care delivered in a compassionate way. At Breastfeed Atlanta, you will find a staff of experienced IBCLCs and Lactation Counselors who collaborate together to offer the highest quality care.


Our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) have passed the IBCLE exam and uphold the standard for breastfeeding education and care. While knowledgeable in evidence-based practices, Breastfeed Atlanta's IBCLCs provide family-centered support in a non-judgmental environment.

Our Lactation Counselors

Breastfeed Atlanta's Lactation Counselors are trained in various forms of family care as well as breastfeeding. They work under the supervision and mentorship of a Breastfeed Atlanta IBCLC. Each of our Lactation Counselors have completed a minimum of 250 supervised contact hours and plan to sit for the current calendar year's IBCLE exam.


Breastfeeding Help | Our lactation specialists can help with all of your breastfeeding issues. Jaundice, engorgement, pain while breastfeeding, low milk supply.

What kind of lactation consultants do you have?

Breastfeed Atlanta employs International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) who are licensed lactation consultants (licensed LC) by the state of Georgia. Our breastfeeding centers serve as clinical sites for the Northwestern Georgia Technical College Lactation Consultant Certificate program, so we have lactation consultant students around from time to time. Additionally, Breastfeed Atlanta trains and mentors upcoming lactation consultants planning to sit for the IBCLC certification. Every patient interaction is always supervised by an IBCLC certified lactation consultant.

What can Breastfeed Atlanta help me with?

People see our lactation consultants for a myriad of reasons. Most commonly we help with pain while breastfeeding, babies who are having a hard time latching, and mothers who are concerned about their milk supply. Sometimes people just need a little guidance and reassurance, other times things may get a little more complicated. When needed, we can work with your pediatrician or OB/midwife to coordinate the care needed to make breastfeeding successful. We’ve been working with breastfeeding families for a long time, so we’re prepared to help you handle just about anything that could come your way.

Can Breastfeed Atlanta help with tongue and lip tie?

If you’ve been referred by your pediatrician or ENT specialist for tongue or lip tie, our lactation consultants can help you optimize breastfeeding by managing milk supply, adjusting baby’s latch, and providing education. If needed, we can provide referrals to physicians in the area that specialize in treating these conditions. We will work with your doctor to develop a care plan that makes sense for your family.

Should I have a home or office visit?

You’re going to get the same great care in either location. The advantage to home visits is they are convenient. The advantage to office visits is they are affordable. Don’t worry about what chairs or pillows are available - our goal is to help you be able to breastfeed whenever, wherever.

I’ve scheduled a visit with a lactation consultant, now what?

You just did the most important thing! All we need at your visit is you. If your baby isn’t hospitalized, try to have the baby hungry for your consult. If you’re coming to to the office, feel free to bring your pump or any other equipment you’ve been using at home.

Do you take insurance?

We are in network with several insurances including Aetna and Humana, and are constantly striving to achieve in-network status with many more. If your insurance is in-network, you will probably have little to no out of pocket cost for your care with us. If your insurance is out-of-network we will require a deposit to be paid at the time of scheduling, and then we will work hard to get your insurance company to pay our claims so that we can refund your deposit. The Affordable Care Act mandates lactation coverage, but there are still lots of loopholes. We have become pretty good at navigating the process, so please call you have any questions.

Are you associated with any hospitals?

No. While we often work closely with hospital and birth center staff to coordinate care after discharge, we proudly remain an independent, free standing breastfeeding center.

When is the best time to see a lactation consultant?

The sooner the better. Most breastfeeding problems can be resolved when the correct intervention is applied at the right time. Call us to ask if you’re not sure.