Breastfeed Atlanta & Mothers' Milk Bank of Alabama!

Breastfeed Atlanta is proud to announce that we have teamed up with Mothers' Milk Bank of Alabama to bring the first and only Milk Depot to Atlanta. We will collect donor milk that will be processed and distributed by Mother's Milk Bank of Alabama and HMBANA (Human Milk Banking Association of North America) to nourish babies in need and sick or premature infants and mothers who need to supplement within the community. 

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Breast Milk Donation | Atlanta Milk Bank | Mothers’ Milk of Alabama - Breastfeed Atlanta is now teamed up with Mothers’ Milk Bank of Alabama to collect breast milk donations. The milk will be processed according to the Human Milk Banking Association of America’s (HMBANA’s) standards and will go to infants in neo-natal ICU’s across the country.


How do I become a milk donor?

The first step is a short phone screening with Mothers' Milk Bank of Alabama to learn more about you and for you to learn more about us. After this we will figure out the closest place for you to drop off your milk and send you an application and form to have a lab test done. Fill out the Donate Milk form, and we will call you to start the process.

Can I still donate if I don’t live in Atlanta or Birmingham?

Yes! There have depots across the state that you can drop milk off at after you complete the screening process. If you are not close to a depot, we will send you the shipping supplies and help you ship your milk to Birmingham. We have donors from all over so don’t let location be a barrier to donating.

Where will my milk go?

Our mission is to be a milk bank for all of Alabama. Our donors come from all corners of the state and beyond, and we want to send their milk back to Alabama babies. We are currently serving 8 hospitals across Alabama with the goal of reaching more babies.

Do you provide milk to babies outside of the hospital?

While we wish we could provide pasteurized donor milk to all babies that are in need, our first priority is our hospital partners. When we have the milk available we have occasionally been able to provide outpatient milk to medically fragile infants with a prescription. 

Do you pay for milk? Do you charge a fee for the milk?

We do not pay donors for milk per HMBANA’s non-profit milk bank guidelines. We charge hospitals a processing fee for the pasteurized milk that covers the cost of screening labs and processing costs