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Breastfeed Atlanta

Atlanta's Full Service Breastfeeding Center


Breastfeed Atlanta is the definitive, full service breastfeeding center for breastfeeding families. We are dedicated to the support, protection, and promotion of breastfeeding in all its forms. As Atlanta’s premier breastfeeding center, we offer an unparalleled and comprehensive level of service. We are proud to serve Atlanta’s diverse population of families, and to support them unconditionally to realize their breastfeeding goals.


Premium Lactation Consultation
Breastfeeding is a beautiful and natural experience for parents and their children, but the reality is often more complex than anticipated. Most parents find the presence of a calm and supportive expert in the field is essential to their success.

Lactation Lounge & Clinic

How often should I pump? How much is my baby gaining? These are important questions that can be addressed at our weekly Clinic sessions held after our Lactation Lounge community gatherings.

Hospital Grade Breast Pump Rental
As the only Atlanta provider of Ameda,  Medela, and Ardo breast pump rentals, you will be provided with the breast pump that best fits your needs.  For your convenience, we are proud to offer in-home delivery, shipping options, or in-office pick up.