The Best Breast Pump

Which breast pump is best? A simple, single question with a nearly infinite number of complex answers. Ask 100 breastfeeding moms and you’ll get 100 answers. One pump has great reviews on Amazon, but many mothers claim it didn’t work well for them. Your friend insists that another brand is amazing, but you buy it and it’s a dud for you. The lactation consultant recommends a brand you’ve never heard of. The insurance company offers you 6 different options, and let’s not even start on what Google has to say. Why is there so much conflicting information?

Consider the following analogy. My mother wears a particular brand of running shoes. She loves them, has worn them for years. She and I share many physical features, so it made sense to me that what worked for her would serve me just fine. I marched into my local running shoe store and requested to be fitted for a pair of the same brand my mother uses. I received a huge education about my foot’s anatomy, various features of the shoes and all things related to feet and shoes in general. Despite the gentle persuasion of the professional fitter, I insisted on the same brand that worked so well for my mother. 

I didn’t take a picture of my heels or the destroyed shoes, but trust me, you wouldn’t want to see it anyway! It was ugly. So, I marched right back in the store with my shoes in tow to figure out what was going on.

It turns out, my 33 year old feet are very different from my mother’s 57 year old feet. Additionally, a shoe that works well when standing on concrete for 8 hour stretches does not perform the same when you take it up Kennesaw mountain a few times per week. The socks make a difference. The way the shoes are laced make a difference. There are different types of shoe laces. To put it succinctly: every person has unique needs when it comes to shoes.

Everything that can be said about the uniqueness of a person’s needs related to shoes can also be said about breast pumps. It depends on the individual, the way they will be using the pump, what accessories will be used, where the pump will be used and on and on and on. Now, given all of that information, how does one make a decision? Easy. Talk to a certified professional with expert level knowledge, who can make a non-biased recommendation based on your needs.

That’s where we come in. At Breastfeed Atlanta, our International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) keep up with market information on breast pumps and combine that with our clinical knowledge of how breastfeeding works. We even have several demos on hand so that you can see and touch the breast pumps in question. Do you already have a breast pump? We can show you how to maximize its efficiency. An IBCLC is basically a friendly person with tons of knowledge and resources, standing by to help you!  Really, we have all this knowledge and we love helping moms and babies, please call us.

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