Below the Beltline - Your Pelvic Floor
Tips from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist

$10 per attendee

Pregnancy and childbirth bring a lot of excitement and joy for the family as well as major physical changes for the mother. This class will explain what the core/pelvic floor is and why a healthy core/pelvic floor is so important, teach simple exercises and stretches that can enable a smoother delivery, cover tips for postpartum healing, and share ways to support natural child motor development.

This class is ideal for:

Pregnant moms, new parents, their family members, and support team. Birth and health care professionals. Anyone who is interested in learning about pelvic floor issues surrounding pregnancy and how to avoid them as well as some tips on how to support natural infant motor development.

You should register for this class if you want to know:

  • What people mean when they refer to things like the “core” and “pelvic floor”
  • How to take care of your pelvic floor throughout pregnancy and postpartum
  • What you can do physically to encourage optimal fetal positioning and an easier labor and delivery
  • How you can support the postpartum healing of your body, specifically the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
  • Tips on how to support important, natural motor milestones of your baby
  • There will be plenty of time for Q&A
  • Light refreshments will be served.




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Upcoming Dates:

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