Breastfeed Atlanta Parenting Support Classes

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Breastfeeding Facts and Fiction

The vast amount of breastfeeding information available makes it difficult to know what is the truth and what isn’t. Join us for a close examination of scientific evidence surrounding commonly misunderstood breastfeeding issues.

Babywearing Truths and Myths

When it comes to babywearing, the “truths” can sometimes get lost in the many myths that are floating around. What are the best positions, carriers, times to wear? Why even bother wearing when there are so many other options and apparatuses out there to help you care for and “comfort” your baby?

Breastpumping 101

Which breastpump will you need? How often should you use it? Which bottles will my baby like? How long can I store my milk?

Babywearing Basics

Have you been wondering about the different types of carriers that you can babywear with? What are the best for each age range? What carries can you do with each? Front? Back? Hip? Forward Facing?

Babywearing Geekery*

Looking for more specific information about a specific type of carrier? Each month we will rotate the carrier type and go into detail about their different features, advantages, brands, etc. There will be plenty of opportunities to try on a wide range of the featured carrier style and also share your experiences, reservations, and wins with them!

Mastering Your Milk Supply

Concerns over milk supply is the most commonly cited reason that mothers quit breastfeeding. When breastfeeding in our modern, bottle feeding culture, it can be difficult to discern what to be concerned about and what to dismiss.

Mastering the Latch

Learning to latch your baby comfortably and confidently is the most important key to breastfeeding. The quality of your latch will determine your comfort during breastfeeding, and ensure that your baby gets plenty of milk. Bring your own baby or use one of our life-like, weighted dolls as we teach you optimal positioning and techniques for achieving the best latch possible.

Starting Solids

Curious about when the right time to start transitioning your little one(s) to solid foods? Unsure of what your options are? How much they need to consume? This class will discuss the research and evidence behind baby’s stomach development and what the realistic expectations are in regards to “real food” from a more natural approach.

Below the Beltline - Your Pelvic Floor

Tips from a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist