Breastfeed Atlanta's Partner Lounge

Starting in 2018, in conjunction with our Babies In Arms Lactation Lounge, the Breastfeed Atlanta Team is hosting a complimentary support group for non-birth parents. Husbands, wives, and partners are all welcome as well as anyone who has recently found a new, tiny person in their lives and isn't quite sure how to feel, or even how to process those feelings.

Having a new baby is never easy, especially if it’s your first. Hundreds of people have written thousands of books on the subject and a great many of them come with one major piece of advice: talk about your feelings. Even the easiest pregnancy and birth can cause a slew of unexpected emotions for every member of the family. Some of them may be entirely unfamiliar, or ones that you consider ‘negative’. Maybe you're surprised to discover you feel guilty or jealous. There are no bad emotions as long as you know what to do with them or how to work through them. Knowing that you're not the only person to have these feelings is only helpful if you also know how and where to meet others going through the same thing.

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  • Feel free to bring your baby, or just yourself
  • A place to ask questions, make friends, and talk it out

Lounge Hours:

Partner Lounge every Tuesday at noon

Thank you so much for hosting [the Lactation Lounge]. It did my heart good to meet other moms and be encouraged by the group!
— J.